Frequently Asked Questions

Fijians who depend fully on the public health system for General Outpatient services.

Compulsary - Birth Registration Number (BRN) once the online platform is launched.

Other Ids - to be presented and recorded in the system includes: Voter Identification Card / FRCS/FNFP Joint Card / Driving License

The approved medical services includes:

1) Consultation

2) Review

3) Referrals

4) Injections

5) Dressings

6) Other minor dressing

7) Multi-urine Dipstick

8) Electrocardiogram (ECG)

9) Nebulizer

10) Oxygen Supply

11) Ultrasound Scan

12) Simple sugar prick test.

Approved dental services under the scheme are:

(i) consultation / oral examination,

(ii) extraction,

(iii) temporary filling, and

(iv) permanent filling.

(i) Sugar level

(ii) Complete Blood Count (CBC)

(iii) Basic metabolic panel (basic electrolyte panel)

(iv) Cholesterol (lipid profile) level

(v) Glycated hemoglobin (Hemoglobin A1C)

(vi) Liver function and

(vii) Renal function.

Yes. However, this information needs to be made known when the information is being recorded on the patient form. However, wherever possible, it is recommended that the child’s BRN is used, if available.

No. Patients to be seen under the Scheme must have a unique identifier to ensure proper record keeping.

Usually reviews are undertaken after some time has lapsed after seeking medical advice through initial consultation with a GP. However, it is at the discretion of the general practitioner to conclude if a review is required on the same day as consultation.

Other valid forms of ID, which may include Voter Registration card, driver’s license, FRCS/FNPF Card etc.

But BRN is compulsory if you are being registered under the online platform for the frist time.

There is no limitation. An individual may visit participating GP’s if he or she is in need of medical attention and requires the services as approved to be provided by GPs.

The Patient Consultation Form requests the following patient information:

• Full Name

• Residential Address

• Details of ID

• Gender

• Phone Contact

• Date of Birth

• The patient will also be required to sign the PCF (sign off using the signature pad) and indicate where he/she previously received these medical/dental/lab services.

The patient must present an ID for record purpose. You do not qualify under the scheme if no IDs.

This is at the discretion of the GP examining the patient.

Patients may visit clinics if they require medical consultation or attention.

It is the responsibility of both the patient and GP to provide correct information, as indicated on the PCF.

The form has the following section – DECLARATION BY GP

“I solemnly and sincerely declare that the information provided in this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

I understand that any false information provided in this form amounts to an offence under the False Information Act 2016. “.

The form also states the following: “Warning : Providing false information to Government is an offence under the False Information Act 2016. If you are found guilty of providing false information to Government, you may be fined up to $20,000 or sentenced to imprisonment for up to 10 years by the Court.”

Patients that have been receiving treatment and prescriptions from participating GP’s are also eligible for accessing medicine under the Free Medicine Programme.

Through the Pharmacy Profession Act, any person who has obtained the approval of the Board under Section 48 to carry out a Pharmacy business must participate in the Free Medicine Programme.

Refer List below.

No Pharmacy Physical location & Address Division
1 Amy Street Pharmacy Ltd 120 Amy Street Toorak Suva Central
2 Bula Pharmacy- Tamavua MH Superfresh complex Mead Rd Tamavua Central
3 Capital Pharmacy Shop-9 Dolphin Plaza FNPF PlaceVictoria Parade SuvaCentral
4 Central Pharmacy Shop 1 Cumming St Mid City Centre Suva Central
5 Chemistwala Lot 1 Nina St. Suva Central
6 City Centre Pharmacy MH City Centre Thomson StreetSuva Central
7 Daily Chemist 10 Luke street Nabua Central
8 Epworth Pharmacy Shop 4 Epworth Arcade Corner of Stewart & Nina St Suva Central
9 Epworth Pharmacy USP Laucala Campus- Suva Central
10 Flagstaff Family Pharmacy 7 Rewa street Flagstaff Suva Central
11 Health Sense Pharmacy Shop H6 Hemrron Plaza Dunstan Street Nausori Central
12 HealthMart Chemist Shop 15 President Plaza Samabula Central
13 Healthmore Pharmacy (Fiji) Shop 2 Tebera Plaza Nakasi Central
14 Island Pharmacy- Nakasi Rups Complex Nakasi Central
15 Island Pharmacy Suva 45 Cumming Street Suva Central
16 Lami Chemist 58 Marine Drive Lami Central
17 Laucala Bay Pharmacy Limited FPSA Sports City Grantham Road Central
18 Life Pharmacy Limited - Nakasi 3 South Corner Hub Nakasi Central
19 Life Pharmacy Limited-Nausori 1 NG Patel Rd Main St Nausori Central
20 Life Pharmacy PTE Ltd. Nabua 549 Ratu Mara Rd Nabua Central
21 Life Pharmacy PTE Ltd. Makoi Shop 2 Lot 3 Mokoi Sub-division Makoi Central
22 Madison Chemist 83 Cumming Street Suva Central
23 Medipharm (Fiji) Pte Ltd Garden City Raiwaqa Central
24 Mega Care Pharmacy Ltd Lot 1 Shop 1 Matanikorovatu Rd Makoi Central
25 Nausori Drug and Chemist Pte Ltd Main Street Nausori Central
26 Pharmacy Plus 190 Renwick Rd Suva Central
27 Prime Pharmacy Lot 1 Ratu Dovi Road Nadera Nasinu Central
28 Raj Pharmacy (PTE) Fiji Ltd Lot 24 Mokosoi Ratu Dovi road Nasinu Central
29 Rewa Pharmacy Main Street Nausori Central
30 Rx All Pharmacy Shop 5 RB Patel Centerpoint Central
31 Rx All Pharmacy-Nadera 62 Qarase St Nadera Central
32 Samabula Drug Store 77 Ratu Mara Road Central
33 Super Drug Express pharmacy Shop 12 Flagstaff Plaza BA Street Flagstaff Central
34 Super Drug Nabua 550 Ratu Mara Rd Nabua Central
35 Superdrug Suva Ground floor Challenge Plaza Laucala Beach Suva Central
36 Sure Care Pharmacy-Navua Shop 3 Main Street Navua Central
37 Suva City Pharmacy 10 Thompson Street Suva Central
38 Tailevu Drug Store Shop 7 Jawahir Lal& sons Building Main street Korovou Town Central
39 Tappoo City Chemist Level 4 Tappoo City Complex Suva Central
40 Valelevu Chemist Shop 2 Viti plaza bldg Valelevu Nasinu Central
41 Walu Bay Pharmacy Warehouse 37 Freeston Rd Walu Bay Suva Central
42 Wyse Pharmacy - Valelevu Shop 1 Savilla House Valelevu Central
43 Wyse Pharmacy Nakasi Shop 2-3 Tebara Plaza Nakasi Central
44 Your Choice Pharmacy 354 Waimanu Road Suva Central
45 Labasa Pharmacy Shop 3 Just Jeans Bldg Naseakula Rd Northern
46 My Chemist Shop 5 Naseakula Rd Labasa Northern
47 Northern Drug Store Lot 10 Main Street Labasa. Northern
48 Savusavu Pharmacy Main Street Savusavu Northern
49 Budget Pharmacy (Nadi) Main Street Nadi Western
50 Budget Pharmacy Namaka Namaka Lane Namaka Western
51 Care Chemist Shop 6&7Sue wing Blg Market Sq Sigatoka Western
52 Chovan Pharmacy Ltd 5 Yasawa Street Lautoka Western
53 Chovhan Pharmacy Ltd t/a Thakorlal Pharmacy 103 Vitogo Parade Lautoka Western
54 GetWell Chemist Sharmas Complex Saweni Lautoka Western
55 GetWell Chemist Shop 3 Nands FoodMart Building Rifle Range Rd. Lautoka Western
56 Gold Town Pharmacy Lot 3 Main Street Tavua. Western
57 Guardian Angel Pharmacy Market Road Nadi Town Western
58 Health First Pharmacy -Clay Street Nadi Clay St Nadi Town Western
59 Health First Pharmacy- Lodhia Street Nadi 40 Lodhia Street Nadi Town Western
60 HyperChem Pharmacy- Ba Market Subdivision Ba Western
61 HyperChem Pharmacy- Lautoka 101 Vitogo Parade Lautoka Western
62 HyperChem Sigatoka Pharmacy Market Sq Building Sigatoka Western
63 I-care Pharmacy Rakiraki Shop B1 Bhimas Bldg. Main St. Rakiraki Town. Western
64 Island Pharmacy Ltd- Ba 62 Bank Street BA Western
65 Island Pharmacy Ltd- Nadi Main Street Nadi Western
66 Maui Bay Chemist H.S.N Bldg Sigatoka Western
67 Medirite Pharmacy 347 Main St Nadi Town Western
68 Mega Pharmacy 80 Naviti Street Lautoka Western
69 Namaka Medisure Pharmacy Lot 12 Namaka Lane Namaka Nadi Western
70 NewLife Pharmacy R.B. Jetpoint Martintar Nadi Western
71 Priceline Pharmacy Tavua Shop 3. Jamandas Holdings Building Goldfield Road Tavua Western
72 Priceline Pharmacy Ba Shop 8 Lot 5 Kings Rd Ba Western
73 Priceline Pharmacy Nadi 41 Lodhia Street Nadi town Western
74 Quest Pharmacy Rakiraki Main Street Vaileka Rakiraki Western
75 Reliance Pharmacy Lot 46 Lodhia Street Nadi Western
76 Rite Health Pharmacy Shop N Save Complex Namaka Nadi Western
77 Sugar City Pharmacy 23 Naviti St Lautoka Western
78 The Family Chemist Shop 3 Khans Complex 10 Mana St Lautoka Western
79 Votualevu Pharmacy Shop 1&3 Mega Hardware Bldg Votualevu Western
80 Western Medicare Pharmacy Vakabale St Lautoka Western